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Why you should move to Magento 2 ?

Better Performance with built-in Full Page Caching

More mobile-friendly

Better Technical Architecture, easier to upgrade and manage modules

Provides better security

Magento 1 is running slow and will be no longer supported by Magento

What does the data migration do ?

Websites, Stores and Configurations

Categories, Products, Attributes

Customers, Customer groups

Orders, Invoices, Creditmemos

Sales rules, coupons

Reviews, Ratings

CMS pages, blocks, transactional emails...

Every data from Magento core modules

3rd party modules data ( you need to install M2 version of the modules first )

What you should do before migrating ?

Install Magento 2

Install Magento 2 version of all 3rd party modules that you want to keep data

Install Magento 2 version of your website theme ( optional )

    • $ 300
      • 0-3000 Products
      • 0-30 External Extensions
    • $ 350
      • 3000-5000 Products
      • 30-50 External Extensions
    • $ 400
      • 5000-10000 Products
      • > 50 External Extensions

This price is applied for Magento 1.9 and above. Extra fee may be required for older Magento versions.

Metagento Policy - Free update

Free Update

Metagento Policy - Lifetime Support

Lifetime Support

Metagento Policy - 30 days moneyback

30 days moneyback

Metagento Policy - 100% Open Source

100% Open Source